Mr. Thomas Potter email's my local county Sheriff's Office:

XXXXXXXX RYS <> Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 5:37 PM
To: Jeremy Rys <>


From: Thomas Potter <>
Reply-To: Thomas Potter <>
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013 12:43 PM
To: "\"Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M Hodgson\"" <>
Cc: XXXXXXXXX RYS <(my Father's Email redacted for Privacy)>
Subject: Threats, Harassment & Abuse by Jeremy R Rys

March 17, 2013

Thomas M Hodgson
Bristol County Sheriff
400 Faunce Corner Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747
(508) 995-1311

Dear Sheriff Hodgson,

As outlined below, I would like to bring to your attention an instance of me being stalked, intimidated, threatened, harassed, blackmailed, as well as privacy invasion by Jeremy R Rys, a resident of Bristol County. I am receiving harassing phone calls and other threats because of the following posts that begin at the forum threads listed below as well as the home page which is privately registered by Domains By Proxy, LLC at the IP address of ( by Jeremy R Rys. (Slander and or libel, threats, harassment, stalking, invasion of privacy, and blackmail do not apply to freedom of speech.)

David Hilton 03-07-2013 12:01 AM
"Well I called him at the number previously posted and he refused to talk to me. He confirmed that he was Thomas Potter. He wanted my name which I gave him. I also identified myself as a friend of Jeremy's, and asked if he would be willing to talk to me concerning his copyright infringement claim against the AlienScientist YouTube Channel. My intent was to see if he could explain his intentions, and to see if the situation could be amicably resolved. He then demanded my phone number which I did not think he needed, so I refused to provide it. He then refused to talk to me unless I gave him my number. The last thing I want is this idiot calling me all hours of the day, so I terminated the call. I can say that this guy sounded rather demanding and belligerent after I refused to provide my number.

Listen to the call: "

(see attached screen capture and html web page file)

Edgar Fouche 03-08-2013 03:27 AM
"I just called Thomas and left a message that he's being watched by three letter agencies. And that his home and communications were not secure. I could then hear him breathing heavily and then I said, you've attacked my friend. And then said the Internet and your obsession with Judy Wood is not healthy for you. You need to disappear and quit attacking people. I used this phone number found on yahoo groups: 440-891-1603. Nothing I said was illegal nor threatening. I encourage our members to call him and let him know he's attacked our friend Alienscientist and we don't appreciate it. According to the local town police he's crazy and mad. No fricking excuse. This our beloved friend who he is attacking with false YouTube claims. Let's fight back. Ed Fouche

I've called this loser several times and his phone rings and rings and rings without answer. But I WILL CALL him every day several times. Life is a bitch! For some people. Get involved... Ed"

(see attached screen capture and html web page file)

Welcome to the AlienScientist Homepage
YouTube has "terminated" my AlienScientist Channel!
Update March 12, 2013

"On March 5, 2013 YouTube closed down my "AlienScientist" channel and claimed it was due to multiple copyright infringments (sic) against my account. I have since hired an attorney to fight these allegations and these obviously fradulent (sic) claims to material that is covered under Fair Use.
My attorney has looked into the case and believes I have legal grounds to sue Mr. Thomas Potter, the individual who made these claims against my account. My lawyer has looked into the alleged Copyright infringments (sic) and my use of Judy Wood's book cover as well as pictures from her website in a video which clearly attributes the work to her while giving a critical review, and this constitutes 100% Fair Use. The takedown notifications were filed fraudulently by a third party (Mr. Thomas Potter) who has no legal rights or ownership regarding the material. This is a simple case of a mentally ill Ohio man described as a "Misguided Internet Bully" by a blog created by another one of his previous victims to chronicle his mishaps. I have already recieved (sic) many emails from fans and supporters willing to assist with financial and legal support for this case, and the paperwork and people are now lined up to file civil injunctions against Mr. Potter for the damages he has caused through his deceitful acts.

So far I have found no evidence to suggest that Judy Wood is in any way involved in these copyright claims, nor do I think she would risk the bad publicity that such dirty tactics would bring her... The person responsible has been identified as a mentall (sic) ill Ohio man with a history of being an internet troll and pulling these types of antics:

Thomas Potter
9770 Sugarbush Circle
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138

It is believed that Mr. Thomas Potter also posts under the name "Emmanuel Goldstein" (the bad guy from George Orwell's "1984") and that he has posted my name, address, pictures, and other similar personal information about me on various websites and forums, meanwhile reporting me and filing complaints against my YouTube Channel, and my Facebook Account to have his name and information taken down out of public view. This man is clearly not a truth seeker, as no real truthseeker (sic) or truth speaker would resort to such tactics.

If Mr. Potter does not contact YouTube and remove these fraudulent allegations of copyright infringment,(sic) then he will be sued, and he will have a lot of smart and capable people very upset with him."

(see attached screen capture and html web page file)

Additionally, Jeremy R Rys posted statements on his FaceBook account soliciting stalking. This is further evidence of an egregious, malicious, and morally objectionable pattern of behavior.

"Anyone here in the Northeast Ohio area wanna do a favor for me? Knock on this guys door with a video camera and find out who he is and why he is filing fake copyright claims against my YouTube Channel claiming to be acting on behalf of Dr. Judy Wood.

Thomas Potter
9770 Sugarbush Circle
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138

I want pictures of every house in his neighborhood and any other information you can get on this guy. What kind of car he drives, his license plate #, etc. Let's expose this rat!"

(see attached screen capture and html web page file)

Please confirm that the contact information for Mr. Jeremy R. Rys as follows is correct and matches your records :
(Personal Info Redacted to protect Privacy)

Domains By Proxy Domain Name Proxy Agreement
4 (G)
2. Defame, embarrass, harm, abuse, threaten, or harass third parties;
3. Violate state or federal laws of the United States and/or foreign territories;
5. Are tortious, vulgar, obscene, invasive of a third party's privacy, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable;

I have not granted Mr. Rys permission to post my address, telephone number, or email address.


Thomas Potter
9770 Sugarbush Circle
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138
(440) 891-1603

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