Banned at Gay Campground

No, really:

Man upset he's banned from gay campground in Fitchville

Cary Ashby
 12:16 AM - Nov 10, 2011
An area man has been issued a criminal trespassing complaint after he accused one of the Freedom Valley Campground owners of threatening to shoot him in the head.
"I have been a seasonal camper at Freedom Valley Campground for the past four years," said the complainant, Thomas Potter, of Olmsted Falls.
"For some unknown reason, ... one of the owners of the campground had a personal vendetta against me and constantly harassed and intimidated me for those four years," Potter said in an email to the Reflector.
The suspect isn't being named because he hasn't been charged.
"It got to the point that I made a remark at the campground that if this activity didn't stop, I would report the fraud that they have been committing against Huron County and the state of Ohio. I believe this remark was repeated to him by one of the seasonal campers," Potter said.
The alleged threat reportedly happened Sept. 22, but wasn't reported to the Huron County Sheriff's Office until Oct. 10.
"On Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011, (the suspect) made a death threat against me by uttering the statement that he would get his gun and shoot me in the head. I believe that this threat was based on my remark of retaliation for his unjustified harassment and intimidation," Potter said.
Capt. Ted Patrick shared with the Reflector what Potter alleged when he filed the complaint in person at the sheriff's office.
"He was at Freedom Valley Campground and he got into an argument with (the suspect)," Patrick said. "He threatened to shoot him in the head with a gun."
Deputies interviewed the suspect and two witnesses.
"He denied the allegation he was going to shoot (Potter) in the head," Patrick said.
"There was another guy who stated he didn't want Mr. Potter back at the campground," the sheriff's spokesman added.
"The campground representative filled out a criminal trespassing statement. We later contacted Mr. Potter and told him he was not wanted on the campground," Patrick said.
Deputy Shannon Lyons forwarded a report to Norwalk Assistant Law Director T. Douglas Clifford for review. After reviewing the deputy's report, Clifford said he declined to file charges, but declined to say why.
"I take threats against my life very seriously. I'm 59 years old and in my entire life, no one has ever crossed this line of human decency against me," Potter said in another email.
"(The suspect) said that he would get his gun and shoot me in the head and repeated it six times in a very threatening manner because I said that I would report the fraud he has committed against Huron County and the state of Ohio," he said.
"They tried to get me to sign a document to cancel my contract with them for the 2012 season by use of another threat. I would not accept their certified letter," Potter said.

Whoa doggies, you can smell the hypocrisy with every other line.  Potter, who attacked and harassed random people for years under the delusion they were 9/11 "perps" talks about "human decency"? Is Potter kidding?

His story is of course horseshit.  If Potter was being harassed all four years at the campground, why did he keep going back?  And why wouldn't he want to take the chance to cancel his contract?  But Potter's not going to accept.  He wants the drama...

Apparently Potter is a "fabulous" guy, in that he appears to be "married" to another guy, Steve Homenuk:
I do not believe this information is correct. I believe they filed a fraudulent claim with incorrect information. Here is why:

9770 Sugarbush Circle Olmsted Falls, OH 44138
Total land marked value: $23,600
Total buildings marked value: $136,600
Total marked value for property: $160,200
Total land assessed value: $8,260
Total buildings assessed value: $47,810
Total assessed value for property: $56,070
Assessments for tax year: 2008
Parcel usage: Single Family Dwelling
Because it turns out Potter's full name is Thomas Leon Potter:
About Thomas Potter
Thomas Leon Potter was born in 1952. Thomas currently lives in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Before that, Thomas lived in Cleveland, OH from 1995 to 2010. Before that, Thomas lived in Berea, OH from 2000 to 2010.

Even if Ohio doesn't recognize the marriage, sharing bills and expenses is the likely reason records are confused. Someone should tell Potter's hubby Homenuk to make sure Potter takes his meds. But at least the reason Potter was at a gay camp ground can finally be explained....
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