Mr. Thomas Potter messes with the WRONG Truth Activist

...these actions resulted in the creation of this great website!

Great Job! Mr. Potter! Keep digging that hole deeper!

Dear Olmsted Falls PD,

I'll try to keep this as simple and accurate as possible...

My name is Jeremy Rys. I am a physicist and a youtube video producer and recently I've become the target of a Mr. Thomas Potter.

A few months ago I posted a video to YouTube debunking a 9/11 conspiracy theory that space lasers vaporized the WTC. On or about March 5, 2013, this video was unlawfully flagged by Mr. Thomas Potter (claiming to be a copyright agent for Dr. Judy Wood) who filed a DMCA copyright violation and taken down-notice with YouTube. (Apparently this is a common method of harassment) But not just 1 of them... 3 of them! Since YouTube has a 3 strikes policy, this resulted in my entire YT Channel being "terminated due to multiple copyright infringements by the user". So my 55,000 subscribers and 12 millions views, and currently one of my main sources of income, was terminated.

So, I did what any logical person would do and I filed a legal counter-claim with YouTube, to contest these fraudulent allegations of copyright infringement... Little did I know that YouTube would then provide all my personal and legal information to the claimant (who happens to be this Thomas Potter fellow from your town)

Needless to say, Mr. Potter has since been violating my privacy and criminally harassing me by posting my full name, address, and telephone number on every blog, forum, and youtube video comment he can possibly find.

I also have evidence that suggests Mr. Thomas Potter also uses the online alias "Emmanual Goldstein", in the form of an email he sent to my father which is identical to an email that he sent to one of my college professors except that it was signed "Emmanual Goldstein" in place of "Thomas Potter".

So Mr Potter is harassing me, my family, my college professors, he even sent an email to my local Bristol County Sheriff's Office complaining that I was harassing HIM, by posting his information and details of his own actions online to let my fans and subscribers know what happened to me and my YT Channel and who was responsible. In fact, most of the things in his complaint were things done or posted by my fans and supporters and not by me personally:

Below is a screen shot from YouTube showing the violation. I have plenty more evidence that I am more than willing to provide if you are interested, including saved copies of the emails he sent to my father, my professor, and my local Sheriff's Office, as well as some of the posts and threats he has been making online against me.

Please let me know if you can help end this unlawful harassment. A simple search for his name yields dozens of other cases of similar harassment, advising other victim's of Mr. Potter to contact your department. So that is why I did.

Thank You so much for your time. You can contact me by email or phone.


Jeremy R. Rys

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